Peace Profound

Whether spoken to be heard or written to be read, the expression Peace Profound is much more than a simple polite letter-ending or fraternal greeting.

It is a mystical invocation, the benefits of which are intended for the person whom we are addressing.

The more we inwardly feel the essence and power of these two words, the more this invocation will have positive results for the person who inevitably benefits from it.

It is important to meditate upon the meaning of Peace Profound for the more we realise its full significance, the more we are able to live it, not only for ourselves but for others as well.

Peace Profound is not only a state of the soul, it is also a state of both heart and body.

In fact, people can experience the fullness of Peace Profound and advisedly invoke its blessings for their fellow human beings only if they blend peace of body, heart and soul.

Peace of Body

Peace of Body as the expression implies, depends upon our ability to live in harmony with the natural laws governing our being.

The modern pace of life makes this physical harmonisation quite difficult at times and many people are subjected to stress despite their best efforts to counter it, and this negatively affects their physical well-being.

The hectic pace some people face in their increasingly mechanised work, the infernal noise to which so many are exposed to on a daily basis, and the pollution of the surrounding atmosphere and air that millions of people breathe, are all external factors contributing to the creation of disharmony and strife within the bodies of individuals.

However, without denying these facts, we are also compelled to recognise that people often violate basic rules of health themselves, which nothing truly prevents them from respecting.

Indeed, what can we say about the sometimes disastrous consequences of a poorly balanced diet; about the harmful effects that an abuse of stimulants such as coffee produces within the body; about the often inconsiderate waste of the best hours of sleep; also about the unnecessary surgical removal of certain organs which, after all, have their reason for being; finally and especially, about the sexual mutilations practiced upon children in some countries, in the name of tradition?

In the name of true Tradition, let us not declare war needlessly on our body or that of others, for without peace of body there can be no peace of heart.

It is therefore our duty, as soon and as often as we can, to direct thoughts of strength, health and vitality towards all those who suffer from bodily ailments, and towards all children, women and men whose physical beings are suffering from the ravages of war, hunger, sickness, barbarism and all the ills which prevent them from experiencing peace of body and generally speaking, happiness.

Peace of Heart

As for Peace of Heart, it is linked to our emotional and sentimental life.

It is obvious that this peace cannot be acquired by anyone who regularly entertains thoughts of hatred, wickedness, jealousy, envy, vengeance, intolerance and any feelings which enslave them.

Such feelings create very destructive emotional problems.

In fact, they give rise to a kind of mental poisoning which affects the balance of the psychic body and, as a result, the harmony of the physical body. This emotional poison is therefore a formidable foe as much for peace of heart as for peace of body.

Consequently, it gradually leads to a self-destruction of the being.

Very few are the human beings who never experience, or have never experienced, the inner conflict that negative thoughts and emotions provoke, both being closely connected.

Rosicrucians have mystical means at their disposal to neutralise the destructive effect of their own negative thoughts and, also, that which is equally important, the possibility to protect themselves from those that others might harbour against them.

When it comes to nullifying the harmful consequences of our own discordant thoughts, we need only to recognise them for just what they are at the moment they spring into our mind and to transmute them into positive and constructive thoughts.

We cannot combat a negative thought by repressing it.

Rather, it is much better to bring it to light for ourselves, to analyse it, acknowledge it and replace it with a thought of opposite nature.

Wanting to conquer headlong our own negative thoughts would, on the contrary, amount to giving them greater importance yet, more life and to intensifying even more their pernicious effects.

Therefore, it is wiser, I repeat, to replace them with constructive thought and thereby proceed to a mental and emotional transmutation.

In this sense, prayer is the key to the heart which enables us to carry out this mental and emotional alchemy.


So, when we happen to have a thought of hatred, even if only for a second, we must put a thought of love within our heart and hold it there for a long time.

If the shadow of jealousy or envy hovers over us, let us replace it with the light of shared happiness. If the spectre of vengeance looms behind our emotions, let us transform it into a living image of forgiveness.

By doing this mental and emotional substitution systematically, we will neutralise the destructive effects of our own negative thoughts and experience peace of heart.

When we feel assailed by the negative thoughts that other people may hold about us, it is up to us to ignore them or, at least, not to give them such importance that they finally end in giving rise to thoughts just as negative within us.

If we were to do this, we would then become the willing victims of others’ wickedness by creating, on our own and within ourselves, the foundation of our own mental poisoning.

Let us rather wrap ourselves up in the mystical cloak which protects us from the attacks of ignorance and let us do good without worrying about what a few inimical hearts may think of us.

These few remarks concern our own responsibilities when we allow mental and emotional strife to disrupt our peace of heart.

However, this peace of heart may also be shattered by trials which we ourselves did not necessarily bring about.

The life of each of us is punctuated, from birth to death, with lesser or greater pains or sorrows which considerably perturb our inner equilibrium.

The lack of affection, sentimental disappointments, the pain of separations and the deep grief which the loss of a loved one engenders are some of the emotional problems which affect peace of heart.

Therefore, we must draw from spirituality the comfort we need so badly.

On the other hand, since as we give, so shall we receive, we have the duty to radiate thoughts of love, compassion and comfort towards all those who suffer within their heart, so as to help them in carrying out the emotional alchemy which will give them peace of heart and, one day, will enable them to find again the joie de vivre, the zest for life.

Peace of Soul

This state simply corresponds to the spiritual plenitude to which mystics who have chosen to dedicate their life to the service of God and their human brethren have access.

It is also the inner peace which the one who succeeds in permanently living in Cosmic Harmony experiences.

Therefore, it is as much the peace of the rose as it is that of the cross.

The traditional and initiatory path, which the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis is, and which it teaches, is of invaluable help in attaining and living this peace to the full.

Indeed, its mystical teachings include all the elements necessary for humans to satisfy the aspirations of their spiritual Self and to reach happiness.

However, I will add that we cannot know peace of soul as long as we have not attained peace of heart and peace of body.

In conclusion, I would like to say that when God becomes the centre of our conscious activity, when we acknowledge God’s presence within the heart and body of every living thing upon Earth, when our soul is pure enough to reflect God’s glory, then verily we shall receive the blessings of Peace Profound.

Henceforth, we ourselves shall become an agent of the Divinity and have at our command the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual influx needed to help all those who are still fighting a battle against themselves or who are being subjected to strife which other people inflict upon them.


Adaptation of “Peace Profound” by Christian Bernard, Rosicrucian Beacon, December 2013

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