Working in Harmony with the Cosmic

Being appreciative of our relationship to the Cosmic and to all our friends should be a daily practice for each of us.

We need to appreciate every element of our lives, even those things that are sometimes unpleasant. It’s from the unpleasant things, our difficulties and problems, that we learn life’s greatest lessons.

It’s through these trials and tribulations that the Cosmic can help us most.

If we develop the right attitude, we will attract the blessings of the Cosmic.

However, we can’t expect good things from the Cosmic unless we give our whole-hearted support to moral and ethical standards, especially to those obligations we have assumed.

What I mean is: whatever obligations we’ve made in life to other people, we must always uphold them.

No matter what the laws of the land may be, we mustn’t work just within the law, but always try to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards in our lives, which will help to advance civilisation and help to build a better world.

We have an obligation to the Cosmic to spend a few moments as we fall asleep and allow our consciousness to enter into the Cosmic.

Then we must forget ourselves entirely, becoming a living, conscious soul in harmony with the Cosmic.

In this way we become a companion worker with the Cosmic.

At this time, we can send out thoughts and radiate love, health and harmony to all those areas that we feel are experiencing difficulties and problems.

This is the work done by Rosicrucians and other seekers of spiritual self-realisation each day to bring about changes in the world for the good of all.

We may think of some unfortunate persons in our lives. They may not be related to or even really well known by us. But as we become aware of others in need and send good thoughts to them, we will start setting in motion circumstances that could assist them a lot.

Reach for the Highest

We should try to emulate the highest ideal of the Rosicrucian work, always trying to say something kind and thoughtful, something pleasant and loving to other people at every opportunity.

Too many people are full of criticism, complaints, have some bias or enmity, jealousy or envy about other people, which keeps them out of harmony with the Cosmic.

But we can never afford to have thoughts of jealousy, envy, hatred or even dislike or unpleasantness.

Our attitude must always be that of being extremely kind, thoughtful and considerate. But normally, the best challenge for us is to always think of something useful and kindly. Even sending good thoughts to people we pass on the street will help them considerably.

This way, our relationship to the Cosmic is raised to a higher plane, and we lift ourselves and expand our consciousness to higher levels of achievement.

We can be serious students of mystical literature, and that will help us.

But if that study doesn’t result in elevated thinking and acting in harmony with universal justice, then obviously we’ve not reached a higher level of consciousness.


Raising our consciousness to a higher level assures us of a closer association with the Consciousness of the Cosmic and our life will become more aligned to the true purposes of the cosmic plan for humanity and the part we can play in the Great Work for the future.

So, it is important to give of ourselves and our thoughts, even for just a few minutes each day, in working on behalf of the Cosmic for the benefit of humanity.

By radiating appreciative, loving and kindly thoughts, we become a channel to accomplish much good in the world, especially in our immediate community, in our place of work, or among the people we associate with.

So much can be done with good thoughts.

Radiating constructive thoughts to other people assures us of a close and loving relationship with the Cosmic, and blessings and gifts will come to us automatically, without our asking for them, because of the relationship we have established with the Cosmic.

These are the things that the Rosicrucian teachings try to inculcate into our consciousness, so that we become living examples of how the Cosmic works through us.

It’s not a matter of just drawing upon the Cosmic to let it manifest in our lives, but by daily entering into a relationship with the Cosmic and allowing it to work through us.

In other words, we become perfect agents of the Cosmic in allowing it to work through us each day.

Then we will be assured that everything we do in life will be meaningful, helpful and successful. We will then experience the joy of living, and a more prosperous and successful life.

We don’t have to forcefully change our outer circumstances. We merely need to live in harmony with the Cosmic, and the opportunities of the Cosmic will then place us in positions in our work, in our associations with other people, where we can do the most good.

You’ve heard the old saying “like attracts like” well, try it.

For some, it may mean that they take on important positions in society, and may have important work to do while others may work in the background and not seem to have any important function in the world.

However, they have a greater importance by working in harmony with the Cosmic behind the scenes.

This is the Great Work that the Rosicrucian Order helps anyone interested to realise and bring into their lives.


Adaptation of “Working in Harmony with the Cosmic” by Simon Palmer, from the Rosicrucian Beacon, March 2009

4 thoughts on “Working in Harmony with the Cosmic

  1. The ‘Great Work’ spoken of in this article, building a harmonious relationship with the Cosmic, and doing spiritual work on behalf of others, will surely bring much joy and serenity into our lives.

    These high ideals may seem daunting or challenging to integrate into a daily routine at first but once they are habitually performed and become ‘second nature’ to us we will find we have within ourselves a powerful transmitter
    radiating goodness and kind thoughts to others in need.

    As mystical students we not immune to the problems and difficulties of the everyday world; negative forces can
    sometimes enter our minds and tempt us, luring us away from our journey on the Path of Light. We have to be alert and awake to the danger of slipping away from our mystical pursuits and descending into ‘dark places’.
    To counteract this it’s worth mentioning and making clear that when our thoughts are filled only with love and kindness these states of adversity can be vanquished and overcome – just as the power of light can conquer and dispel the passive state of darkness…

    Such is the power of ‘love’. We often hear and are told that love is a powerful force. Love makes the world go round.
    “Love” and the “Spirit of Brotherhood” have always been two key factors in the Rosicrucian Order.
    Light (knowledge); Life (actively following the path and evolving; Love (realisation of harmony with Cosmic
    To make ‘Love’ an integral part of ourselves and be a co-worker with God is surely to immerse oneself in carrying out the thoughts and deeds in the proper and rightful manner that the author mentions and intends.

    Each day or night, find time to be still and receptive. Express thoughts of gratitude for all your blessings and for
    the Life within you. Ask the Cosmic for strength and direction in your efforts to help and share with others.


      1. So true.
        Cosmic harmony doesn’t say that your feelings are wrong…
        but you should consciously ( ie discipline) appear present in the here and now, that a greater awareness may envelope you to act accordingly and rightly.
        Such is a mystical experience we all truly desire to have as our default lifestyle.


  2. Yet another article so relevant to our current situation. Each day visualize our beautiful planet surrounded by a healing aura of peace and love. Send constructive visualized thoughts to our world leaders so as to influence them to do the right things and avoid harmful actions. I suspect we are at a T junction right now for our beautiful blue planet. We as mystics have a duty and obligation to work towards helping humanity take the right decision and enter a more harmonious world. It will not be easy, but it is possible. Let’s do it!


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