Whispers from One’s Higher Self


We each possess an inherent guidance system made up of gentle impulses from within, such as intuition, an Inner Voice, dream messages and synchronicities.

These inner and outer communications are said to originate from one’s Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the pure Self at the core of one’s being.

It is the true centre of consciousness that T.S. Eliot called the still point of the turning world.”

Access to the voice of one’s Higher Self is often clearest during a quiet moment or meditation.

This Inner Voice is not to be confused with voices originating from the inner child, critical parent, or ego. Unlike one’s higher self, these voices often use judgmental phrases and self-serving language.

The Inner voice, or the proverbial “still small voice within,” carries inward messages from one’s Higher Self or “inner advisor.”

With the practice of conscious inner-listening, one can learn to identify the higher selfs positive guidance.

Whispers are another form of guidance from your higher self that occur when your outer world is trying to tell you something.

Your reality is “whispering” to you, for instance, when you find yourself deep in thought about a particular problem in your life and suddenly see a bumper sticker, road sign, or open a newspaper that in some way clearly answers that problem.

Your higher self may whisper advice when you flick on the television set or radio just as it is discussing the pros and cons of a situation you were questioning the moment before.

Or, an off-hand remark by a total stranger may hold the precise answer you are seeking.

Our entire reality is constantly nudging us toward greater awareness and spiritual growth.

A pain in the neck, a dream, the dynamics of a personal relationship, all interactions with one’s environment are messages from the Higher Self.

If one does not pay attention to these messages or is not listening to one’s Inner Voice, the whispers will become increasingly more insistent –  eventually even manifesting as “wake-up calls” such as illness, job loss, broken relationships, or other disruptions.

These growth lessons, through crisis, persist until a conscious change is made.

However, we can choose to grow through inner listening, paying attention to our reality, and learning through the loving whispers that surround us at each moment.



Adaptation of “Listening to the Whispers From One’s Higher Self” by Paula B. Slater, RC Digest 1994


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