The Good within us all

I have read so many articles telling me how we should see the good that lies within each person.

I have encountered some really inspirational people who encourage me to see the positive in other people and in the things that happen.

And yet I sometimes feel like this isn’t quite enough.

I might feel disappointed that someone, something, or somewhere isn’t setting a high enough standard which I know exists and which I know we can all strive towards.

I sleep on it.

I ask whatever greater knowledge and inspiration out there, to guide me in some way,  to give me at least some basic co-ordinates with which to chart my course ahead, on my journey towards greater peace and joy.

I ask for something I can rely on,  something  I can trust and have confidence in.

Then I remember, that this thing that I seek out there is within me – the guidance, the joy and the peace are all within me. 

I just need to take time to climb up my inner mountain and see things from a bigger perspective.

We are all, each of us, part of something much bigger, something truly magnificent and astounding. If we can only sense it, we can feel its magnitude and its power.

And, if we allow it to, we can give expression to it.


That’s all well and good… but how can we remember to keep this in mind as we confront our daily challenges?

How do we remember this when we are confronted with that person that pushes into us on the busy train? The person who snaps at us in the office? The person who insists that everyone in the group sees things their way? The family member who tells us that we are not all we set ourselves up to be, or that our dearest held standards are just fragments of our own illusionary view of the world?

We are human beings, and we are all here together for a very good reason.

Everything that happens is part of that. So all we have to remember is to ask ourselves:

What is this person or this situation saying to me? And how must I respond? 

We move up and down our inner spectrum as situations demand, and as we expand our understanding, by relating what is happening ‘out there’ to what is happening inside, we are opening up our inner keyboard.

Situations call this process forth. Then something deep inside us speaks, and makes itself heard. Some inner energy and knowledge makes itself known through us.

I think of the great work that many individuals carry out in this world, either on a global and humanitarian scale, or simply in their local sphere of work and duty, and I am humbled by the beauty and the grace which is manifesting through them.

We should never underestimate the wider impact of a simple act of human care and kindness.

It does not matter how big or small our field of activity is.

Each person has something to contribute to the Whole.

One gesture. One word. One act.

Everything we say and do affects humanity on a greater scale.

If you express the great thing that is within you to someone else, in even the most basic of circumstances, it will be passed on and will make itself felt.

We should trust in that and be confident in the good that seeks expression through each and every one of us.

We are given opportunities each moment of each day to  give expression to it.

However mundane the situation, you are being handed a golden opportunity. 

You will know the moment as it arises, and you will feel its joy.



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