The Influence of the Mystical Life

We are all influenced to a greater or lesser degree by the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Our environment, which we ourselves have helped to create, has had much effect upon us all, but the greatest influence is through our own thoughts and conduct. What we think and what we do makes us what we are.

Our character is always being moulded, for better or worse, by our thoughts and the predominant feelings we experience each day. Therefore, we must come to realise that our success in life and the state of happiness or well-being we experience, can be and is determined by ourselves each moment of the day.

If we do not actively decide upon our own future and exercise proper control in directing the affairs of our lives, then we are permitting other people, friends, relatives and others, to determine what our future should be.

We must, therefore, make our own judgements and decisions that will affect our daily lives for the better.

Even though we may make mistakes, we come to realise that every experience is important in moulding our character and helping us to grow a little wiser each day.

We will also come to realise that the decisions we make from moment to moment will enable us to truly become the master of our circumstances.


When we enter into the arena of mystical thought and philosophy; when we allow ourselves to become immersed in the mystical life; when we look at life with all its manifold meaning, we experience definite changes in our inner lives.

To enter into the mystical life constitutes a great change.

It is like living in a pleasant valley for many years, then one day climbing a nearby mountain and for the first time seeing and experiencing the tremendous panorama that lies all about us.

As we consciously step into the mystical life, we begin to see the greatest possibilities that lie before us.

It is like pulling aside a veil that has obscured our view for many years.

This expansion of consciousness does not happen by chance, it comes after years of aspiration, and not a little confusion about the meaning and value of life.

It is to be expected that our first inquiry would be a cautious one but once we have placed ourselves firmly on the esoteric path, in search of the truth of life, there can be no turning back.

Our former lives have not always served us best, so we are looking to the newly realised possibilities and potentials of which we have been afforded a glimpse.

We have decided to embark on life’s greatest adventure to seek the light that only mysticism can reveal.

Once we have progressed on the spiritual path, the influence of the mystical life makes its mark upon us, refining, purifying, enhancing, beautifying and spiritualising our character.

The changes are slow to take effect, but over the years the influence of the spiritual life begins to grow within and radiate from us.


A Guiding Influence

There is a guiding influence in our lives, often unseen and unknown that leads us through the turmoil of life into a new way of thinking.

The deeper issues of life confront us more often as we enter the mystical life, but we see them with greater clarity. Only when we truly understand life and all it means to us do we come to know its mystical side and its great importance to our consciousness.

The light of the soul within radiates with a new and greater brilliance as the mystical life leaves its mark upon us. The qualities of character we develop distinguish us from those who show no thought of the higher and finer things of life.

Yet we have a duty to use our influence for good in the lives of other people.

We can often be surprised at the good we can achieve when we endeavour to render some useful service to others.

The mystical life compels us to express ourselves and to give of ourselves that others may benefit. As the influence of the mystical life falls upon us we develop an attitude of quiet introspection and calmness that pervades our personality.

Through the practice of meditation, a deep sense of love grows within and is reflected in our everyday thoughts.

As we raise our thoughts, we experience an attunement and harmony with the inner self. The higher consciousness within is then expressed in sublime feelings of love and compassion for others.

Love is a key to this attunement, for when we truly express feelings of love all thought of self is put aside so that the greater self within can be experienced and understood.

This is the mystical life; the search for an understanding of all that life truly means on the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

When we enter into this life with feeling and insight, we will come to realise the significance and beauty of all things.

One thought on “The Influence of the Mystical Life

  1. Another timely reminder of the nature and essence of our journey on the Path. Indeed, the changes are slow to come, but when they start, there can be no turning back. And then arise the duty and responsibility to give more of ourselves for the good of others.
    Great post. Thank you.

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