Let there be peace – and let it begin with me

“Peace manifests externally but begins internally–that is, in the thinking, idealism, and mental discipline of each individual. Peace must begin with the individual and work outward.”

Ralph M. Lewis

Many believe that peace must exist on a grand-scale, otherwise it does not exist at all. In our search for peace, we may feel a bit overwhelmed in trying to find something that will make the biggest change or have the biggest impact in the world. We want to solve everything at once, and once we realise the immensity of the task ahead we may be tempted to give up before we even start. We find ourselves thinking:

“Is peace in this world really possible?”

“What difference can I really make?”

“I am just one person”

By frantically searching for peace outside of ourselves, we forget about the individual role we have to play.

Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa… we are so used to reciting their names, and living in their legacies, that we forget these people were once individuals.  Yet, it takes an individual with a single thought, a single idea, and a single belief to inspire change.

In this way, peace has a ripple effect. It must exist in the centre of our beings before it can spread outwards.

How much do our thoughts, lifestyles and relationships with others align with the peace we are striving for?

It takes time and plenty of love to face our inner-conflicts and cultivate peace within ourselves, but once we do, our entire being will radiate with such peace and such authenticity that others will seek to emulate our actions and we will draw towards us fellow agents of peace, love and harmony.

Here are some thoughts to take away:

  • Which barriers are preventing you from achieving inner peace?
  • Which habits can you transform into constructive practices that will help you find inner peace?
  • In what ways can you bring peace within yourself, your home, at work, and in your local community?

Today, let us remember to meditate on peace and the vital role we each have to play.



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