An Ideal Society

The dream of an ideal society is an enduring goal of many who have devoted their lives and interests to the mystical life and all it stands for, because it is the only hope for our civilisation.

Through the ages, Rosicrucians have laboured for the upliftment and inspiration of humanity and have given unrelentingly of their skills to advance society in its upward progress.

Most people dream of an ideal society in which people from all lands, cultures and interests can work together in peace and harmony can the ideals of a great society be fulfilled. It is through the expression of the divinity within us that we come to develop those powers and abilities, which bring to us a breadth of vision and service which is so needed today.

Our deepest concept of the Sacred and of holiness begins to shine and reveal itself as we seek to use the talents and abilities that we have developed.

It is expressed in good thoughts and kind or helpful advice. A word of praise and encouragement whenever possible will shed the light. Good thoughts and good deeds send rays of illumination to others and are far more important and helpful than we realise.

The radiation of loving thoughts and a compassionate understanding towards others has a subtle but tremendous influence, wherever it is directed. Therefore, we should use these tools of the spiritual self for the advancement of others and ourselves.

Our visualised ideals, good thoughts and practical works are the means whereby we advance daily, the stepping-stones to our successful endeavours. Study and the practice of mystical principles lay the foundation for our good works and prepare us for the service and development we envisage.

We must never underestimate the good we can do.

Our thoughts are far more penetrating and far-reaching than we think. And once we begin to radiate a loving appreciation to others, a fusion of the light of the mind and of the living soul within us will begin to take place.

Our concentrated thoughts are highly effective. When we visualise our desired ideals and the service we want to render, we will surely be successful.

There is deep within us, a source of infinite wisdom and inspiration called by many names such as the Divine Light, the Divine Consciousness or the Master Within. It resides in every human being and merely awaits recognition and use by the outer mind of everyday awareness.

Its light will illuminate our mystical endeavours and trigger deeper insights into our daily affairs. Its practical value in our academic and vocational activities will prove to be a real blessing and encouragement in all we seek to accomplish.

This is the mystical life, the living of a practical and useful life in the mundane world but inspired by the vision of an inner, sacred world. The mystical life ever seeks to manifest the greatest good for all; it seeks knowledge and understanding of a transcendental nature wherever it can; and it helps others when the need arises, with a mind and heart uplifted and illuminated by the light of the Divine Consciousness within.

There is a great need today for personal mystical revelation, and this can only come from those who are prepared to give themselves to the life of the Soul, and whose training and education have prepared them for service. That service can be in science, medicine, industry or in many of the social aspects of life.

Wherever people look will be found those who have committed themselves to some form of service to others or to a higher goal beneficial to humanity and the world at large. They feel the compulsion to help others by sharing and using the knowledge they have gained in ways that are constructive and helpful to all.

Sometimes their methods are controversial, yet they still accomplish a great deal of good. Many new ideas tried, and many old ideas are rejuvenated for the benefit of those who can profit from them.

As you attune yourself with the Inner Self, where the Spirit of God lies waiting for your approach, you will receive inspiration and enlightenment on how you may best utilise your abilities for the good of others.

Your willing hands are needed, and the good you can do will demonstrate the extent to which the inner Divine Light within you has migrated into your outer day-to-day living. This Inner Holiness constantly seeks to shed its light and rays of love upon you and all living things.

As Rosicrucians, both individually and collectively, we must make ourselves count in the spiritual life of the world.

Mystics of past centuries achieved much for the benefit of humanity in science, art and literature. They revealed a way of approaching life, a way of living that we would do well to emulate today. If we believe in a universal guiding force or principle then we cannot help but believe that these luminaries were used by this universal guiding force for the betterment of humanity precisely because they had prepared themselves through years of hard inner discipline and training as well as diligent academic study and research.

Actively use the principles given in the Rosicrucian teachings. Use them each day in sending constructive, visualised thoughts to those in need, and in bringing about desperately needed changes for the better in world affairs.

And as you offer yourself as a channel of service, so will the inner God of your Understanding provide many opportunities for you to render practical and useful service wherever the need arises.

Then our dream for an ideal society will finally be realised, and men and women will work together for the common good.

Adaptation of Dreaming of An Ideal by John Agbor FRC from the Rosicrucian Heritage of September 2003.

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