One of the greatest assets we can have is true friendship – friendship we’ve earned with a few precious individuals we trust implicitly with everything, including life itself.

The dictionary definition of friendship is: “Showing kindly interest and goodwill; the state of being friends.”

For those fortunate enough to have true friendships, this description seems quite inadequate. Be they husband and wife, or people brought together through school, employment or clubs, real friends are those loving souls to whom you can tell all and share everything without shame.

They come to your aid without question or hesitation, always ready to lend an ear, and in whose presence all masks are discarded.

The lifestyle of a friend need not be in full harmony with our own, for in a true friendship, there is always an intangible ‘something,’ an attraction, a sense of caring that transcends physical, outer circumstances of the individuals concerned.

Take magnetism as an example. Slowly move a magnet and a piece of iron together; at a certain point, the magnet is close enough to the piece of iron that the force of attraction between the two overcomes the friction of the iron on the table, and it comes flying straight to the magnet. The magnet seems to be doing all the work.

Now take two magnets and align them so the north pole of the one faces the south pole of the other. There is an attraction from both magnets. Both are doing ‘work’ as they pull each other together. Polarity attraction manifests in what Rosicrucians call the “law of the triangle”, for as two opposing conditions come together, a third condition is created.

The two opposing conditions have united into a third condition which may be completely different from either of the two initial conditions.

And this in a way is the way it is with every true friendship.

When two people with opposing though complementary auras meet, a state of harmony is created between them, their auras link up with each other, and a new unit of life emerges. Although still two separate individuals, their combined thoughts and intentions create an égrégore which is tantamount to a new living creature.

The union manifests in a great and lifelong friendship. Before they met and their vibrations blended together, their vibrations did no great service. One is reminded of the Zen Buddhist Koan: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

Once established, the friendship grows as the years go by, much as a child grows up to adulthood. With each side of the ‘friendship égrégore’ contributing his or her love, ideas, caring and harmony, the bond strengthens further and forms a bond that is the envy of all who see it. It is an example for others to follow, and many yearn for such completion.

Think of what a better place the world would be, if more such friendships could be created.

Taken at a deeper level, is it possible that our very best friend is already bonded with us, just not that visible at the moment? Yes it is, and focusing our thoughts, words and deeds on things that we perceive as being constructive, harmonious, good and wholesome, and giving back with a sense of justice delivered to everyone and everything what life has given to us, and then even a bit more, we are sure to find our truest friend one day.

Of course, that friend will not be a being of flesh and blood, but will be the deepest aspect of your own being, the most accomplished and refined aspect of your own soul, what Rosicrucians for ages have known simply as the Master Within.

So, try to be your own best friend and see what happens next, for the deepest friend you can ever have is already with you. Just think of the power for good that would exist in you if you could unite the two friends of your own self. They may merely be acquaintances today, but aim to make them friends soon!

Adaptation of “Friendship” by Cheryl Rose From the Rosicrucian Heritage September 2019

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