Building our tomorrow

We must never forget that we have many acquaintances but our real friends may be counted on the fingers of one hand.

We must never forget that the Rosicrucian Order is, above all, our friend.

It has brought us strength in the past, during difficult moments and today it gives us the same knowledge, the same basis of life, and it is this knowledge as well as this basis that form in us the inner strength which will allow us to choose rightly, to resist, and to build our tomorrow.

We live in a world of suffering and difficulties.

Whether through karmic conditions or merely repeated human mistakes, it is nevertheless a fact that humanity finds itself, once again, at a crucial point in its evolution.

It is said that history continuously repeats itself.

This is no particular compliment to humanity, for can we consider the ceaseless repetition of fundamental errors leading us always to the same dilemmas as a proof of our wisdom?

Whether man kills with a crossbow or with the most modern weapon, isn’t the result the same?

Obviously, the material progress achieved by our era is remarkable and it has enabled us to better the living conditions of humanity.

Unfortunately, however, it has also made possible the discovery of frightening weapons and other threats that are undoubtedly dangerous both for the individual and for the world.

Choosing the Way

Thus, presents itself, on a collective scale, the problem which we all have to face—that of good or evil, of choice.

It is necessary, however, that, collectively, humanity be able to distinguish between two opposed tendencies.

This is where philosophy plays its part.

It is necessary that all material questions be transposed to the realm of thinking so that humanity may never be guided by selfish instincts alone.

Finally, through synthesis, all problems are brought back to the original one: the problem of man and his reason for being.

The duality of all things is manifest at all the stages of creation and human behaviour; and thus we notice that, although materialism has advanced, mysticism has also progressed at the same rate.

The modern mystic, the Rosicrucian, must be conscious of his or her responsibilities.

The Rosicrucian mystic has undertaken personal renewal through an age-old, but ever-current method.

The aspirant must constantly remain the living expression of his or her philosophy in all fields—through tolerance, goodness, fraternity, and devotion.

The mystic must learn to remain calm – the master of himself or herself, for he or she will then know how to also control surrounding conditions.

Knowledge is a source of serenity, and serenity generates strength.

The Mystic Serves

The mystic, in searching for wisdom, must remember that it is contained in the words to serve.

It is not by meditating continuously, remaining within oneself, and closing one’s eyes to surrounding conditions that the Rosicrucian fulfils his or her mission.

If what the aspirant learns must remain lifeless, buried in memory for personal satisfaction alone, then what the aspirant draws from the teachings of our Order is useless for him or her.

However, if the Rosicrucian student wishes, he or she may be a determining factor in human society.

For that purpose, the Rosicrucian student does not need to accomplish some brilliant action.

The student’s role is to work silently in the midst of the invisible fraternity of our Order and thus become in this cycle one of its main links.

The Power of Thought

One of the fundamental principles of mysticism is the power of thought, which Rosicrucian experiments try to develop to the highest degree that maybe humanly attained.

This power, which is the putting into action through ourselves vibrations of a high frequency and directing them toward a constructive and positive manifestation, must be used by the Rosicrucian to serve others—and we all know that in this field we receive as much as we give.

Serving others, which the Rosicrucian must constantly do, needs no ostentation.

It is merely of the Cosmic and is performed permanently, silently, and invisibly.


Invisible Help to Others

There are near you beings who suffer, suffering in their minds and in their flesh.

You meet them every day – whether in your everyday life or broadcasted to you through various news outlets. You may not always be familiar with them.

They are, nevertheless, your brothers and sisters since, like yourself, the earth is their home and humanity  their family.

They are even more, for deep inside, they are yourself and you do not know them.

Some may hide their pain; they come and go, worried, closed within themselves, not wishing to show to the world what society considers a stigma—unhappiness.

Wherever you are, at whatever time, discreetly examine those who surround you.

If someone seems sad, anxious, or in some negative state, close your eyes for a moment, concentrate within you this vibratory power which is always at your disposal. Then, from your place, quietly and unassumingly, direct toward the person you wish to help the constructive vibrations he or she needs and quickly come back to yourself.

It may be that you will then witness seeming miracles, but you must not worry about that; your duty is anonymous; you have performed it; the rest is no concern of yours.

This same service, you must perform every moment for your friends, for those who are near you, and for those who are far—for those you know on the human plane and for those you do not know.

If the news tells you of a disaster, mass suffering, or any other catastrophe anywhere in the world, you must follow the same procedure.

In one word, you must always be alert, ready to fulfil the spiritual work of fraternal love and human solidarity.

Gradually, this task of the mystic will become a habit, a need, and you will extend it progressively, almost instinctively, to your brothers and sisters, to the animals, and to all that constitutes our visible and invisible world.

The main responsibility of the Rosicrucian is in the study and the application of the principles that are taught to him or her by AMORC.

The example the Rosicrucian sets; their contribution to civilisation, and their efforts in a world of which they are part of, are due to their understanding of the fundamental problems of existence.

The Rosicrucian knows he or she is capable of great things.

Indeed, we are capable of these great things for ourselves,  for others and, finally, for the world in which we live and for the benefit of all of humanity.


Adaptation of “Building Tomorrow: The Constructive Application of Rosicrucian Mysticism” by Raymond Bernard. Published in the Rosicrucian Digest May 1988


3 thoughts on “Building our tomorrow

  1. “Building our tomorrow” is a wonderful and timely article that underlines, re-affirms and builds on points developed in previous articles in this series, with emphasis on the importance of thought, service and the responsibility of the modern mystic in the 21st century to build a personal philosophy of life and learn self-mastery.

    To this end, many open minded and inquiring men and women from all walks of life and backgrounds have chosen to align themselves with the esoteric teachings and powerful, guiding wisdom of the age-old but progressive Rosicrucian Order. In this wise they have refined and developed those much needed and required qualities expected of the ‘true mystic’ referred to by this author.

    In particular he mentions and directs us to use the principles we are taught and get in the regular habit of performing silent and invisible service in behalf of suffering humanity through acts of sending out positive, loving, kindly and healing thoughts toward all those who we meet and learn need such assistance.

    “If someone seems sad, anxious, or in some negative state, close your eyes for a moment, concentrate within you this vibratory power which is always at your disposal. Then, from your place, quietly and unassumingly, direct toward the person you wish to help the constructive vibrations he or she needs and quickly come back to yourself.”

    This is spiritual work, done unostentatiously and anonymously, without thought of reward or compensation.

    By adding this simple but effective ritual thinking to our daily mystical exercises we try to help to raise spirits and uplift people who are caught up in depression or negativity in their work or personal life so that they may be imbued with thoughts of peace, happiness and optimism instead.

    Although we are only one person, remember that all these little ‘thoughts of goodness’ will unite and radiate out into the world as a powerful force for change and thus truly can affect the building of our tomorrow!

    “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes


  2. Another wonderful article that is needed at this time of great upheaval in our world. So many are suffering and everyone of them matters. We all need to do right now anything we can do to help. Whatever that is, do it now. Let there be no regrets that, as mystics, we did not act and do what we know we are capable of.

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  3. Indeed, “whether man kills with a crossbow or with the most modern weapon” the result is the same.

    Another beautiful reminder of what and how we can deliver effective service, consciously but not necessarily ostentatious, to humanity, especially at these difficult times of corona virus pestilence.

    Let it not be noted later in the annals of human history that, as Rosicrucians who knew, we neglected to do our bit when it became necessary.

    Powerful words, encouraging words we should all action.

    Thank you.


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