Self-Healing through Cosmic Love

Augustine of Hippo, a disciple of both Christ and the neo-Platonist Plotinus, said in regard to faith

“Unless you believe, you shall not understand.”

This seems like a vicious cycle until we come to realise that there is, inherent in man, a pre-existing revelation of God’s existence.

This light from within becomes the very first step in the mystical process and is revealed to all Seekers through thought and contemplation.

Self-healing is not merely the healing of one’s “self.”

When it is realised, it is the product of a collective human consciousness loving itself.

The healing phenomenon in the individual is the result of a transcending compassion purposefully extended from many to one through the psychic matrix of a shared humanity.

Every human act performed with charity, especially those very “selfless” acts, become mystically amplified by the Cosmic to the psychic and physical benefits of those in need.

Of course, there must be a subjective acceptance or openness to the healing power. The mind and soul cannot be locked. Those who are healed incur the obligation of becoming healers themselves, as well as transmitters of the vital force.

Let us ask the question: “What is self-healing?”

Self-healing simply implies that an injured organism spontaneously repairs the injury.

The word self is tautologically a blunder; although this is not to imply the absence of the subjective elements of self.

Healing is healing.

A cut on the skin will repair itself usually without any problem.

Certain animals like salamanders will grow new arms; legs, and tails almost as easily as you and I heal from a simple scratch.

Some scientists have experimented with fields of energy around these amphibians which tell the amphibian that this is a place for an arm, this for a leg, and so on. If you take a piece of tissue originally destined to be a tail and place it where an arm should be, it develops into an arm.

The cellular material itself cannot distinguish the hindquarters from the elbow.

There seems to be a cosmically induced multidimensional electromagnetic force permeating all nature and directing its differentiation.

As an organism becomes more complex, more things can go awry.

With the emergence of our human species, we have tremendous complexity. The dual organism that is man is equipped for self-repair from a Cosmic blueprint.

Most of us have yet to learn how the Cosmic has empowered us with human potentials, nor have we learned how being human gives us healing and self­ evolutionary powers.

To Be Human

The word human is derived from an Indo-European root meaning “earth.”

The Hermetic concept of creation and evolution, “as above, so below,” expressed in the Kabbalah and  reflected in the Christian Lord’s Prayer, “on earth as it is in Heaven,” leads us to an understanding of the Cosmic microcosm.

The infinite unites with the finite, or earth, producing humanity.

What then is the future of healing for humanity?

On the collective level healing is the total product of all man’s efforts purposefully directed. True technical triumphs need to combine with enlightened self-control.

We need to more fully use our inherent mental power in a setting of loving ourselves and loving others as we would love ourselves.

Diseases as such will be controlled if not eliminated.  Death or transition is a continuation of the healing process, not to be dreaded but to be anticipated with joy as a return to total unity with the Cosmic.

On the individual level, we may draw from the collective energies of humanity by thinking of ourselves in others, and of others in us.

With proper attunement, this synthesis can produce healing or reintegration of the vital principle within us.


Transmutation of Self

As humanity, we all share a sometimes unrealised mission—the transmutation of ourselves and of our planet.

The first step in accomplishing this must be the sublimation of self. Each transforming act and thought must be selfless.

Among the powers that we derive from the sacred nature of our humanity is a power of precognition and reality formation.

We are given the ability to make our prophecies self-fulfilling through creative visualisation, then actualisation.

In practice, however, this principle manifests in our lives in diametric ways. When our projections emphasise negative aspects such as illness and feelings of inadequacy, then our lives are filled with illness, inadequacy, and despair.

When we approach our lives in a positive way, attuning to feelings of transpersonal identity, we find that we live in harmony and we are freed from envy, hatred, and greed.

Our own creative powers become manifest.

Many people are looking forward to a transformed future: nirvana,  the Parousia of the Greeks, the Second Coming.

All these images involve a future temporal order.

In self-healing that time-space continuum is transcended, and the soul and mind of man enters into a separate dimension: the New Age.

Mind and Soul direct the creative forces of past, present, and future; generations unite in an intense love, thus transforming matter.

Yet self-healing—except in the simplest of maladies—is rare, imperfect, or incomplete. The bilateral amputee, unlike the salamander, does not grow new legs.

Where, then, does this alternative healing concept fit into our limited time frame if our ability to transcend is imperfect?

If we cannot now move mountains or transform matter, we can at least move our wills and command ourselves to love.

If we don’t know what love is, and have not yet experienced the love of the Cosmic, we can begin by treating each individual in such a fashion that we mentally enter his or her body and mind.

We feel how they feel, suffer what they suffer, feel their strength, and transfer our own strength to them. 

For a moment we then transcend. In the mind’s eye we see the New Age.

The self is no longer “self,” but is intensely “Self.”

Through this paradigm we find that not only has the individual who lacks health been healed, but also that we have been healed. Moreover, we have seen a glimmer of Cosmic Love.

Although I am a surgical specialist, I consider myself at times both a physician and a surgeon. As a surgeon I perform only technical acts. I take tissue apart and lay it back together.

Some transcending power heals.

As a physician I feel that this power works through me, although I suspect that it works through all of us when we care and love.

Every human is empowered to act as a physician in transmitting the healing power of Cosmic Love.

In this manner we reinforce life through hope, thus transforming the future.


Adaptation of “Self-Healing” by Gerald Keegen MD, Rosicrucian Digest, March 1984

2 thoughts on “Self-Healing through Cosmic Love

  1. Thank you for another interesting read!

    There are steps we can take to assist ourselves with healing for the mind and body.
    The symptoms of an illness or disease is an outer signal of some inharmonious condition existing within.
    The main cause is likely to be because we are out of attunement with the creative, constructive forces of Nature.

    As this article inveighs: “With proper attunement, this synthesis can produce healing or reintegration of the vital principle within us.”
    We have the ability or gift to use our own creative powers to manifest ‘health’ through positive thoughts and visualisation and to allow ourselves to be receptive to the invisible healing power of the Cosmic.

    Simple things done with regularity, like deep breathing of fresh air, drinking enough pure water, eating the right foods and getting enough sleep will all help to protect us and keep us more balanced.
    Meditation is good for self analysis, rooting out and clearing away negative, poisonous thoughts and transmuting destructive emotions.

    “Self-Healing through Cosmic Love”. Yes – by choosing to dwell on higher thoughts like peace and kindness, and by emanating and sending out thoughts of LOVE toward all humanity, by recognising and attuning with the Source of All Being, the “Greater Self”,
    Such thoughts will assist us in our inward preparation to open the channel for the influx of the curative, transcendent, cosmic healing forces to work through us.


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