Ascending the Mountain

There is no need to remind students of Mysticism and esoteric philosophy that the greatest attainment and the highest illumination has always come to the spiritually minded when they have found opportunity to ascend the mountain of illumination and dwell in attunement with the Cosmic.

Reference to the mountain and the ascension can be found in all the ancient scriptural writings, and it is only the untrained mind that interprets these references as relating to an actual, physical mountain with a physical ascent of the physical body.

The mountain of illumination—of peace, harmony, love, and understanding—may be found everywhere at any time.

But there are occasions in our lives when we need, more than at any other time, the spiritual benefit and even the physical benefit of ascending the mountain.

It appears to me that the world in general and the people who inhabit it are ready for and are in need of a journey to the mountaintop.

If we open our eyes, we will realise there is an abundance of information available on spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, attuning with one’s higher self. This information may come in the form of books, courses or information available online. 

We can see there are great cosmic lights here on Earth who are revealing paths that lead to mountaintops and which afford us every urge and inspiration to rise to great heights in meditation and analysis, study, and preparation.

The world is fortunate in having at the present time people who are inspired by the Greater Light and who are in one form or the other bringing great spiritual truths to forefront of our consciousness.

These lights are channels and guides through which great change is being made. They are Cosmic Workers who are carrying out to the best of their ability the impulses of the Universal Mind and the urges of the Cosmic Consciousness.

It is a time when we can all participate in this transformation and rise in our spiritual, moral, and ethical thinking.

We can ascend the mountaintop for illumination and understanding.

What we need is a different viewpoint of life, a broader and more universal view of the distant horizon, and of the intervening hills and valleys.

We need to rise above the commonplace things that surround us, press in upon us, and limit us in so many ways.

We need to be lifted up where we are above these obstacles, and can look down and see them in their true relationship to all other things of a material nature.

Many of us have been too oppressed by the self-instituted limitations of environment.

We have made our individual daily occupations, our own neighbouring communities, and our homes, cities, and towns our great world instead of realising that first and foremost we are citizens of the universe and, secondly, children of a universal family under the fatherhood of God.

Immediate Need

We must ascend the mountain and lift ourselves into the greater light of broader understanding and, at the same time, free ourselves from the immediate contacts hampering our comprehension of what is actually taking place.

We need a greater faith, or a greater amount of faith, and we need new hope and understanding.

We need especially to realise that with God all things are possible.

Our comprehension of the miracles of Divinity is limited and coloured by the facts and figures of statisticians, economists, political experts, and false prophets.

We are told by these that it will take a definite number of years for certain economical changes to be made and that not until certain other problems are slowly worked out, can we expect any of the great changes we have hoped for.

We are impressed falsely with the ideas that man-made institutions, systems, and schemes are the only things which will bring about the great changes required, and that these will take time, effort, and slow procedure.

But now and then some sudden and inspired act works a miracle in the solving of some of our problems, and we see that the statements of the economists and prophets have fallen flat to the power of Cosmic inspiration.

We must discover through illumination, meditation, and cosmic attunement that God can bring about revolutions as well as evolutions in the affairs of humanity without suffering and destruction, if we will lift ourselves up to attunement with the Cosmic plans and cooperate with them.

The world today is on the verge of many new cycles and many new periods of mighty changes.

In bringing these about, the cosmic forces must drag the heavy load of ignorance, superstition, and doubt.

In trying to lift humanity up to a greater height, the Cosmic finds that men and women have chained themselves fast to great weights that are false, unreliable, untrue, and unnecessary.

Until we free ourselves from these shackles and shakes ourselves loose from false beliefs, the Cosmic has difficulty in lifting the individual to the heights that are possible.

Therefore, let us free ourselves occasionally and lift ourselves up to the top of the mountain for inspiration and a better and greater viewpoint of life.

In doing this we will be preparing ourselves for the mighty changes taking place; we will help to bring them about.

Love, faith, hope, and tolerance toward all individuals, with a determination to see the golden rule put into practice once again, will bring about the mighty improvements which are possible beyond our limiting beliefs.


Adaptation of ASCENDING THE MOUNTAIN By Dr. H Spencer Lewis From the Rosicrucian Digest October 1976 (reprinted from the edition of May 1933)

3 thoughts on “Ascending the Mountain

  1. The symbol of the Mountain is a superb and universal allegory for the spiritual ascent.

    Of course the opposite of the “Mountain of Illumination” is the “Valley of Despair”.

    The author wrote:
    >>>”Therefore, let us free ourselves occasionally and lift ourselves up to the top of the mountain for inspiration and a better and greater viewpoint of life.”<<>>”The mountain of illumination—of peace, harmony, love, and understanding—may be found everywhere at any time.”<<<

    Peace, Love and Power.

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    1. A Greek philospher once wrote: “The only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus)

      We are faced with things as they are to us and we make our decisions and choose which paths to take. Our world is as we perceive it in our mind’s eye. If we are faced with problems, depression, emotional upset or fear we need to realise that we are blessed with an incredible and powerful mind which can be utilised to control our thinking and motivate us to concentrate on change that will make our lives better. We can choose to change our “viewpoint of life” referred to in the quotation; not dwelling or constantly worrying about things we have no control over, but actively seeking out and dealing with the things which we CAN control and direct and take the opportunities that arise to help solve our predicaments.

      When we find ourselves in the shackles of a ‘sorrowful state’ and need the greater light of hope and understanding to aid us let us not forget to ascend to the heights, as this article admonishes, and free ourselves to discover peace and attunement.

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  2. This article reminds us that we all have the capacity to ascend the mountain and let the light break through the clouds. We are all susceptible to the best and the lowest inclinations. Keeping a connection with the higher aspirations of ourselves makes a big difference to our day. Although it is not always easy. Humanity has carried out some appalling things but is also capable of acts of breathtaking selflessness and kindness.


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