Overcoming Fear with Love

Looking back through history, one of the most prominent facts which stands out to me is that in one form or another, humanity has been ruled by fear.

Both church and state have controlled people by fear.

Fear of punishment—whether it be in cell or gallows, or in the vividly imagined fiery hells of damnation—was the ruler.

As humanity evolves toward its potential, we will no longer be ruled by fear.

We will move and act from the force of Divine Love.

Rosicrucian students learn that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Impersonal, divine love is the best and most fulfilling way of life.

When we speak of love we are not referring to a self-centred kind of love. We are not speaking of an emotion which is centred on those in our immediate surroundings whom we already know and love.

We are speaking of that all-encompassing love that cannot be possessed.

This all-encompassing love holds humanity within itself and directs all of our constructive and positive activities.

Imagine, if all of God’s children, every segment of the Divine, were to live completely by love?

Everyone would refrain from harming others – not because of fear of punishment, but because of respect for the rights of all humanity.

We would be loving our neighbour as ourselves.

As students on the Path, let’s take a short inventory and see how, in everyday life, we measure up to the balance of love-fear.

Let’s start our inventory with the dawning of the new day.

When we awaken and face a new day, what are our first thoughts?

Are we full of fears?

Are we afraid the things we planned will not go right? Are we afraid we might have to try something new, or might have to learn something new?

Possibly we are afraid of failing in something we must do. Or we might be afraid of criticism—afraid others will look down on us.

But there is another way of meeting the new day.

Why not meet the day grateful for another day of being alive and the opportunity to overcome our challenges?

Do we know that with the force and support of the all-encompassing impersonal love we will have the right action, right motive, right speech and right thought throughout the day?

Many of us drive cars during the day.

When driving, do we obey the traffic laws and the rules of the road? If so, why?

Is it out of fear of punishment? Are we afraid of being caught by the police, and having to pay a fine or suffer imprisonment?

Most traffic laws exist to protect our safety and the safety of others.

One example is speed laws. It is well known that every year thousands of people die or are injured by someone driving too fast.

However, if everyone drove under the influence of love, caring for the safety of people in the other vehicles,  there would be far less speeding.

The fear factor would be removed and the speed laws would become guidelines that would be followed by everyone to protect themselves from harm and to protect others.

Fines and other punishments would no longer be necessary.

There is another form of fear that causes people to break laws, harm others, and take their property.

Fear of being without material possessions can lead to theft.

Battery and assault are often committed by persons fearing they have been wronged, and they seek revenge or retaliation for the real or imagined wrong.

When we learn the true meaning of love, seeking revenge and coveting our neighbour’s possessions will have little meaning in life.

Most of us are either employees or employers. As employees, do we go about our jobs happily, giving a full day’s work, being honest and trustworthy?

If so, why?

Are we good employees out of fear of losing our jobs? Or are we good employees because the all-encompassing impersonal love requires that we contribute to the welfare of humanity in a constructive manner, and we know we are contributing when we can take pride in the quality and quantity of our work, confident that we will be compensated. Such compensation is of course not solely on the material plane.

On the other hand, as employers, do we let love guide us in the fair treatment and just reward for our employees?

Do we constantly know that the working conditions are as good as they should be for our employees? Do we treat our employees with integrity and respect for the service they are rendering?

As employers, we must realise that employees may be afraid to make suggestions or complain about working conditions out of fear of losing their jobs.

In every direction we turn, we can find fear.

However a shift in perspective, and change in attitude and a new mindset can gear us towards love instead.

Another major fear is the fear of dying, which causes us to stop living in the fullness of life. If we have a constant fear of something happening to us, how can we participate fully in our activities?

We always hold something back when we live with fear.

If we understand Cosmic Law and live the way of love, we know there is no death.

We are placed in the physical body to learn and we shed that same body at the end of its present usefulness.

Learning means activity, participation, and living the way of love.

And when our lesson comes to an end, for this incarnation at least, why should we be afraid?

There are various ways fears can interfere in our everyday lives.

We haven’t looked at all of them, but we have examined fear enough to realise how much it can inhibit us from truly enjoying our lives and making use of the opportunities we have to learn and grow.

Let us abolish fear and all of its destructive manifestations.

Let us use love in all its divine purpose to rule our lives.

When we live by love instead of being ruled by fear, then we are truly free and living the right way of life.



Adaptation of “Fear…and its opposite” by Trish Reinius FRC. Rosicrucian Digest May 1979.

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