Beginning a Rosicrucian Path

It’s nice to see that more people these days are open and also seeking spiritual and esoteric knowledge. Many of the new members have come across a wide range of materials and information regarding Rosicrucians.

Some join because they feel a strong ‘calling’ towards AMORC and others join simply because they’re curious. Regardless of how members initially join, many seem to have similar questions.

So I thought this blog would be a good place to reach out to new members or people considering joining AMORC, to share some of the things that one could expect to be involved when embarking on a Rosicrucian path.   

In a purely technical sense, ‘joining’ means that after you apply and have been accepted, you receive monographs to your home every month, either by post or online. You can choose to study and follow the suggested exercises completely on your own, or if you’re interested in meeting like-minded people you may join one of the local groups close to where you live.

The studies are set out into nine ‘Degrees’ and three Mystery ‘Degrees. Details of the system of study can be found here.

While these are the same for everyone, every person’s individual path is different. There is no rush and no competition.

If you’re able to do all 12 Degrees, then great. If at any point you feel you want to stop at a certain Degree that’s also fine! No one is going to pressure you to complete all the studies. And no one is going to rush you either. If you feel the monographs are coming too fast or you want to take your studies slower then you can call up or go online and suspend or stop your studies.

No rush and no competition. Your path is yours.

You’re free to do it at your own pace and in your own way that you feel suits you.

The Rosicrucian Path is very much about your self-development. Everything in the monographs (the topics, readings, exercises and practices) are all there to develop you…to develop your knowledge, your being and your soul’s faculties.

All types of development take time and don’t happen overnight. Be it intellectual development or the development of physical fitness…they all take time, and it’s no different with your spiritual development.

Some of the exercises and practices in the teachings might come very easily and naturally to you, while others you might find really hard…and maybe even not happen initially.

Don’t worry about that.

Getting instant results isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is that you are putting in the effort and it’s  an act of your personal-spiritual will.

Your efforts will build up over time…it’s a developmental process. Developing your being and your soul’s faculties will take time.

Just be kind to yourself.

Enjoy the ones you like and that come easier to you, whilst reading and advancing your knowledge so that you know more and more understand the nature of what you’re doing and why it’s important.

We live in a world that can be very materialistic. The dominant world view sees people as producers and consumers. It has a tendency to measure a person’s worth according to material measures.

Often, we only develop and appreciate the types of intelligences and qualities which are more associated with material-financial concepts of success. If you interested in becoming a Rosicrucian, then perhaps you have other inclinations.

What you should know is that AMORC values the development of the fullness and entirety of your being.

Consider the fact that you might have latent faculties, gifts, talents and different forms of intelligence which are underdeveloped. This is not for any fault of your own, but perhaps because there are few people who really know how to develop these types of faculties, skills and intelligences.

AMORC is where you can.

At a member’s conference a while ago, we discussed the influence and impact of AMORC on our lives. Everyone’s story was different, but the common thread was transformation.

The developmental processes that AMORC offers are also transformational. And no two people’s transformations are the same.

That’s why the Order doesn’t ‘promise’ anything. We are given the tools, resources, knowledge and support to develop our souls and beings…it’s up to us to do to use these tools and decide how far we want to take it.

And just like anything else, the more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it.

There are aspects of secrecy in our order, but in many ways the big secret is YOU!

You are the big secret! – Because what your transformation will be will be uniquely yours. What talents, skills, gifts and personal purpose will emerge all depends on you and your self-realisation.


AMORC uses the symbol of the Rose-Cross.

The cross symbolises your physical body and the rose symbolises your soul…the blooming and unfolding of the realisation of your soul.

If you have undiscovered gifts, latent faculties, untapped talents, a yet unknown purpose…the place you’ll find them is through the development of your soul.

That’s where they really reveal themselves, and what AMORC does is to give you the knowledge and practices to understand how to unlock and develop these.

The Rosicrucian Path is an unfolding path for seekers of knowledge and wisdom. I personally have explored numerous traditions, both Eastern and Western as well as meeting numerous well-known authors.

For me, the main benefit of AMORC is that you get a complete knowledge and understanding of all aspects of mysticism.

What I can personally say, is after all the years of research that I’ve done around the world, I’ve never come across another place or Order where you get such a whole and complete understanding in both theory and practice.

I’ve meet people who seem to master certain aspects or have fragments of this knowledge, but I personally have never found such an A-Z whole and complete path on spirituality and mysticism.

So, enjoy the unfolding and the journey! Stick with it.

It’s there to nurture, develop and support you. You may struggle with one Degree but love the next one.

Keep going.

If you are sincere your efforts will build up over time and you will realise the benefits.

The goal of AMORC is to raise human consciousness, to contribute to the evolution of as many beings as possible, in order to contribute to the evolution of everything. We have no entry criteria in regards of religion, race or socio-economic status.

Members come from all types of backgrounds. You don’t have to leave your religion or have one in the first place. You don’t have to be acquainted with the history of Alchemy.

All you have to have is a love of learning and a sincere desire to grow spiritually.

The symbol of the Rose Cross, the blooming of the rose, the blooming of the soul.

All we are doing is giving you the water and the sunlight.

We look forward to seeing the colours, fragrances and beauty of your unique individual rose. The magical unlocking of a radiant, brilliant light that you perhaps never even knew you had.

In dedication to the evolution of all life.

~ Contribution from Sr. J. Rafferty.



Further details of membership of the Rosicrucian Order (English Jurisdiction for Europe, The Middle East and Africa) can be found here.


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