Be Yourself

Everything is becoming, for nothing cannot give rise to something.

This is a wonderful cosmic law worthy of con­templation, meditation, and conscious realisation.

We live in a challenging and changing world full of uncertainties, surprises, and conflicting occurrences.

In this modern time, living at such a fast pace, we are prone to forget what we truly are.

Our real identity is covered up by outer conditions, the roles we play in life – that of spouse, parent, brother or sister, leader in the community, or business executive, to name several roles.

We play many diverse parts, some simultaneously.

All of these roles are important, of course, but to develop any or all of them to their highest potential, we must know our true identity.

To deal effective­ly in any area of our life, we must learn to be ourselves – to be the very highest and best that we know how.

This is not easy, but it is essential to our happiness and well-being, and to our spiritual growth and progression.

Each of us is a unique and perfect individual expression of God.

Just as no two sets of fingerprints are alike, no person is exactly like another. It is through this expression of individuality that we must proclaim our divine right to be ourselves.

How often are we tempted to emulate another in words and action?

Why do we want to do this? What do we see in another that makes us want to copy that quality?

Perhaps it is an unexpressed attribute within ourself which we sense intuitively but for some reason feel unable to per­sonally express. There is nothing wrong with this in itself, but why be an imitation when we can be an original?

I personally believe that any quality that we find admirable in another can also be ours in the same way it became the other person’s.

This is through desire, persever­ance, and work.

We first need to realise that this quality can be ours.

We need to realise that we do have power over our own development, and that we have the power to change.

To reclaim our power over external circumstances, it is necessary for us to become what we would like, which in most cases is to become a more realised expression of the Cosmic.

The Cosmic is the divine, infinite intelligence of the Supreme Being permeating everything.

We are all part of the Cosmic. The Cosmic’s energy is in every cell of our being.

This energy is not in any one thing, but in every­thing through the universe. Because you and I are part of the Cosmic, it is im­portant for us to live to the highest potential within ourselves; for this is the only way in which the Supreme Being can express in and through our lives.

Life is continuous change

You are not the same person you were yesterday, nor will you be the same person next week. What you become is for you to determine through your thinking.

Sometimes we limit ourselves by either not being aware of our special abilities and talents or by demeaning those of which we are aware.

By belittling our personal capabilities, we are undermining the divine power that flows through us.

Each of us has a part to play in this world. Without its variety of instruments, an orchestra is incomplete. The same is true in the symphony of life.

The first step towards finding out who you really are is to find a quiet spot, relax, and become more acquainted with your own individual self.

It’s possible that you have not yet taken the time to know yourself.

Take time to meet this friend, for friend you are and should be to yourself.

A friend is someone with whom we feel comfortable and at ease. We should be able to do this with our­selves. A friend is never unforgiving or judgmental. Neither should we be to­wards ourselves. A friend is one who loves us no matter what. Thus, we should be gentle with ourselves.


Finding the Real You

After you have spent a few moments becoming at one with yourself, quietly assess the qualities that are a part of yourself.

If you see a trait you do not particularly find desirable, take note of that and set out to change it to a more desirable one.

Then list your assets.

Look at yourself objectively. Include every­ thing you enjoy doing, no matter how poorly or how well you do it. Do not compare yourself to another. That is not your purpose.

Your purpose is to be yourself. Judge neither yourself nor an­other. If you love children or have a fondness for animals, make a note of it.

For love is the greatest and most creative force in the universe. God is love.

Do you like swimming, walking, jog­ging, playing tennis or golf? Note that, too.

Do you enjoy cooking, baking, read­ing or writing poetry? Take note of these things.

Many talents will come to your mind, proving the abundance of the God Within.

All these interests are the God Within expressed through you. A personal touch or a warm smile may mean more than the world’s loftiest honour.

All we have to do is to be that which we are divinely appointed to be, expressing that which we are meant to express in a way that only we can, thus fulfilling our commitment to the God of our Hearts, to the universe, and to ourselves.

If you centre your mind on the many blessings and capabilities you have been given, you will become more aware of the talents that are yours to use and share with others.

Along with this will come a deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness, an appreciation which in turn brings awareness of all that is your­ self.

Awareness of anything brings it more strongly into our life.

It is a spiritual law that nothing is yours un­til you become consciously aware of it. Thus by listing these many good qual­ities and talents which are ours, we bring to ourselves more and more good bless­ings.

It is quite possible that during these quiet times with yourself, you may discover new talents and abilities that you had not perceived before. You will dis­cover with delight how much pleasure can be derived from developing these new-found abilities.

Should a limiting thought occur, such as “I am too old,” or “At my age!”­ cancel it out of your mind.

You are an eternal being, not bound by limiting thoughts and ideas. Your only limitations are the ones you put upon yourself.

What one person can do, all persons are capable of doing. So if you feel motivated to play a musical instrument or learn a new craft, go ahead.

Nothing can stop you but yourself.

In order to do this, you must take command of yourself through your thinking.

If you turn to the Christ Consciousness within, knowing and ap­preciating the gifts and talents with which you have been richly blessed, you will no longer need to be an imitation, for you will be what you were meant to be – the real thing.

One of the Commandments states that we should love one another, but we can­ not do that unless we first love ourselves.

If we work on our particular talents and learn to appreciate the gifts we have been given, we come to an understanding within ourselves. We become more peace­ful, letting love unfold within us and radiate from us.

To love another, one must first love and appreciate oneself­ not in an egotistical way, but with the true love of knowing that Christ Consciousness dwells within us.

We are truly sons and daughters of the rich and loving Creator of All.

We are inheritors of the Kingdom Within.

Let us reclaim our power now:

I am myself

The perfect expression of the God Within.

I am my­self

In me, the Cosmic lives, moves, and has its being

I am myself

I give sincere thanks for all that I am.



Adaptation of “Be Yourself” by Compton R. CampbeIl, F. R. C. Rosicrucian Digest 1979.





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