The Light of the World

There is an inner conviction for those who have awakened their spiritual sight; a conviction that the day will come when certain spiritual leaders will appear on the world scene who will raise the spiritual consciousness of humanity by their individual efforts in various fields.

Many who believe they recognise this trend in world affairs, point out the continued fascination in spirituality, mysticism and the occult  in films and the media.

But popular interest in occult and psychic phenomena does not equate to a spiritual awakening of humanity.

There may be a peripheral awakening, but psychic phenomena and the occult in themselves, can exist entirely devoid of any real spiritual content.

There is a trend however on the part of many people, to be concerned about the spiritual, emotional and material welfare of underprivileged communities and those who are suffering in the world.

Their only concern is to do something now for those people who have been marginalised and struggle to find a place in society.

Dedication to Service

If scientists and politicians directed their attention to lifting a little of the burden of humanity, the light of the world would stand revealed.

But we’re still waiting while we direct our attention to the sufferings of others in need.

Although we may feel powerless to help the many people in their plight, we must hold fast to the knowledge that what little we can do is needed and help is on the way.

We must persist in the knowledge that our good works and prayers are helpful and achieve worthwhile results, even though we sometimes see little evidence of it.

There is a gradual awakening on the part of many who dedicate themselves to service. Their concern is for more human values which reveal spiritual insight and deeper values.

Those who have dedicated themselves to helping the needy, whether in the fields of medicine, sociology or many other spheres, aren’t necessarily mystically inclined; but they do reveal a deep spiritual motivation which is greatly needed today.

It is to be hoped that those who are mystically inclined will also become involved by radiating a spiritual love to all humanity.

Service is the keynote of all mystical work.


For preparation in the mystical life we must sooner or later feel the stirring of our deeper spiritual self which urges us to serve the interests of raising humanity to a higher level of thought and conduct

Without a doubt, there is a new spiritual awakening today.

Small though it is, it can be seen here and there where dedicated people are prepared to stand against all odds and be counted for the advancement of humanity, and especially to assist the underprivileged in society.

This trend shows that the light of the spirit of humanity can be rekindled and that there is hope for the future destiny of humankind as long as there are men and women who place their spiritual qualities above their material desires.

There will always be something we can do, no matter how small and inconsequential it may seem.

The helping hand we give to someone in need will encourage them to share in the needs of others.

Service is the key to a better understanding of life, for as we give of ourselves and share our lives with others, as fully as possible, so will our lives be enriched.

It is in giving that we receive, and to receive the greatest rewards in life we must be prepared to put aside many of our self-interests and be more concerned for others. What we share will be returned to us in greater measure.

The more we give thought for each other and have the willingness to give some help to one another, the more the spiritual light will grow in the hearts of men and women, gradually bringing a new dawn of greater light and understanding between all people.

Then will come to the forefront those spiritually enlightened people of all races and backgrounds who will point the way to higher advancement, not by what they say, but because they will be living examples of the spiritual way of life.

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