Self-love: the spiritual case for loving yourself

The see-saw is considered a child’s toy, but its mechanism is apparent in life’s conditions :

Up and down

Balance and imbalance

Of course, the principles in operation are those of the law of bal­ances.

This law of balances also plays an important role in the life of a human beings. Pain and suffering become prevalent amongst people because there is an imbalance in the body, often due to insufficient love.

We can produce negative thoughts of fear, anxiety, grief, resent­ment, jealousy. But we neglect to coun­teract or balance these with a positive force – love.

Our bodies bottle up the moisture of stagnant darkness within themselves, which deteriorates our systems, and allows no balancing air currents of love or its counterpart, light to enter.

The result is too much pollu­tion in the cells of the body caused by those negative thoughts within – not only towards others, but towards ourselves.

Problems of today have produced an­other see-saw effect – namely, in the matter of the direction of love.

“Love thy neighbour as thyself”

This saying was advocated by a great Cosmic being some 2,000 years ago.

Ideally, this phrase should carry a connotation of equal ac­tion and reception, rather than that of comparison or of example. It should read,

“Love thy neighbour, and also love thyself.”

However so much stress has been placed on our love for others that people often experience a sense of guilt in their feeling of a favourable regard toward themselves.

There is extensive unrest, mental and physical, because people do not like themselves.

Finding their solitary company unbearable, they constantly run away from themselves. For fear of being alone to face their thoughts, people at­tempt to remain in the company of others.

And in cases of enforced solitude, they cannot help but distract themselves – whether it’s online, with the television, books… or sometimes all of these at once!

Solitude as a tonic

Growing up I realised the potency of the divine command, “Be still and know that I am God.”

In this sense, we must be still, even if just for a few minutes, and discover the thrill of Cosmic communion with the All .

Surprisingly, you will no longer be bored with yourself.

Dare to be alone and attune with the interesting and infinite knowledge and wisdom from within which is available to anyone who is willing to stop for a moment, withdraw from the noise and tune into the Cosmic Mind.

That which one discov­ers by this act is far more exciting than a book, the radio, TV, parties, or work.

One will find that their subconscious and superconscious minds have much to offer them.  They will unearth intriguing facets of their consciousness and desire their own company more often.

This experimental, intimate contact with oneself should develop self-love. And why not? One should not be startled by the suggestion.

We are told that God is love; so giving His love to one’s self is not to be confused with selfishness.  The story of Narcissus had to do with vanity, not with love of self.

In many traditions, cultures and religions, our very existence and reason for being on this planet is rooted in love.

Our Creator made us in His image. He loves these images and all other members comprising His universe, which is in reality His body.

His body also contains suns, stars, and planets, over which He presides with the same love and care which He projects towards us, His children.

A direct approach

Being in God’s image, we have potential universes within us similar to that one in which we live. If God loves His universe, the Macrocosm, every part of it, we should love in the same manner our embryonic universe, the Microcosm, otherwise identified as ourselves, made up of replica parts of the Great Universe.

We must be a source of love for ourselves, as the Supreme Being is the source of love for His uni­verse, both as a whole and individually, including each of us.

Loving one’s self reacts on the microcosm in the same way that the sun shines on a plant. Each process in­duces a blossoming into full glory and capacity.

Loving ourself also gives the realisation of God’s love within the Self.

Now, let’s take a good look at our­selves and understand what there is to love about us and why loving one’s self is so important.


Every cell of the body is centred with a divine spark, or part of the Supreme Mind, surrounded with flesh.

Every cell is intelligent and re­tains the wisdom acquired.

The cells have independent memories and repeat in their reparation the exact pattern of the original. Each does its own, peculiar work, and its wisdom is a component part of the subconscious.

We should love and praise these cells for their fine work of constant repair.

We should also praise the organs, which never cease to operate intelli­gently for the upkeep and repair of the body.

These give us a healthy body to use, a well-ordered temple for the soul, for it is through the body that one can receive from the Cosmic or be a channel for the Divine purpose.

To progress into the Light, we must first properly love the body and care for this instrument which, like a radio, is a receiving apparatus and brings us Cosmic messages, inspiration, and in­tuition.

Love is a universal cohesive force which holds things together, keeping them in right relationship to their source.

This cohesion protects life by keeping it well-ordered and secure.

In loving the body, one becomes a beautiful beacon,  with full cooperation of the cells which build new conditions in it.

Love is the body’s lubricant.

Beauty draws as a magnet, and one is attracted to and also responds more eagerly to a radiant person.

We are drawn to a truly beautiful person because of the love within that being.

This beauty is the result of the person’s loving themselves.  True beauty de­notes advancement into the Light. It is the divine light from within, shining through us  – a light which has required ages of evolution to develop.

Loving the body also heals it.

Illness of the body is a state of congestion­ stagnation. Love activates the cells by accelerating their vibratory motion and causing them to expand, and thus love heals by eliminating congestion.

The less the rate of vibration, the less vitali­ty of the body. Truly, we heal ourselves. Therefore, we must love the body to give it beauty and health, for love constitutes healing.

Beauty and health are also offshoots of harmony among the parts of our body.

Love produces this perfect harmony not only in the human body, but also in the universe, the Body of our Maker.

Every solar system and constel­lation remains in its proper orbit through harmony; each part singing joyously, collectively composing the so-called “music of the spheres.”

Loving ourselves produces harmony in our hearts, lungs, digestive system, and nervous system. This, in turn, re­sults in a harmonious status with other parts of the macrocosm.

Thus there is a dual harmony: one within ourselves and another between ourselves and the Cosmic. In this dual state we can progress into Cosmic consciousness by becoming one with the AII-Knowing­ Mind; we can grow into the Way-of­ the-One.

We also become more fully attuned to the Cosmic and thereby receive the great spiritual truths or wisdom of the ages by loving and praising our minds.

In attunement one can learn the at­ tributes of their Creator and know the ecstasy of the contact with the Infinite. In these experiences, one learns to love their very own soul, which brings about the balance of emotions and, con­sequently, peace.

Through this newly-found love of and harmony within ourselves, we become aware that our purpose in life is to serve our fellow man, and not to use him merely as a buffer against a solitary state.

It is only after we fill our own universe with love that we can offer love and service to one another.

In other words, one must have love to give it.

When a person has made their mind and body harmonious and vigorous through love and, as a result, prepared themselves to be a channel for Cosmic love and enlightenment, they then can render a great service in the Divine Plan by teaching others the methods toward perfection, harmony, peace, and happiness.

For each person progresses in Cosmic illumination only by means of the Light through another.

So it becomes a joy and a rewarding achievement, as well as a necessity, to love thyself, as well as thy neighbour.

Only in this dual process is there true balance and progress of the soul within us.



Adaptation of “Love Yourself” by Evelyn Hall-Smith, Rosicrucian Digest 1959

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