‘We Can Change The World’!

I stumbled across this wonderful music video that really inspired me.

I find this uplifting because it is great to see mysticism embedded in a modern day rap  like this.

It addresses so many big issues both in one’s personal life and also in the wider world.

If we can remember even in times of distraction  that our ‘enemy’ is in fact our brother or sister, and that any conflict we encounter is part of us and our collective responsibility, it certainly points the way to resolving a situation, and somehow makes us nobler beings when we take responsibility for our world.

In particular, I enjoyed seeing the lovely, smiling faces and the range of people taking part.

I hope they enjoyed participating in its making as much as we enjoy watching it.

When there is that brief ‘moment’ as they touch base with the ‘power that’s inside’ before kicking back into the wonderfully addictive beat and melody, it really gets across its central point that is:

I Can….

You Can…

We Can….

because we are all ultimately One, and we can achieve astounding things when we work in harmony together.

One thought on “‘We Can Change The World’!

  1. That was a great discovery, great and inspiring song … if only humanity can understand. I wish we all know this!!!


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