Fulfilling our aspirations

I love Greek and Latin derivatives in the English language, because by using them you can say exactly what you mean. When I looked up the word aspiration I found that it came from the Latin word aspirare.


a combination of two words

“ad” to or towards

  “spirare” to breathe

Aspirations are as vital a part of everyday life as breathing. Whether destined to improve our material lives or to bond our relationship to the spiritual world, it’s important to be conscious of our aspirations every day.

Without aspirations, it’s as though our lives are in a perpetual state of depression, devoid of purpose and meaning.

But through our aspirations we are lifted up and out of this terrible stasis, while at the same time we attract to ourselves circumstances and conditions that make possible the attainments we long for.

Without aspirations, we would probably still be living a stone-age existence; and we shouldn’t forget that if it weren’t for our ancestors’ aspirations, we wouldn’t even be here today.

How do we attract these conditions and experiences we need? The answer is deceptively simple.

We do it through concentrated and continuous thought. We just need to recognise the changes we need to make so we can bring about the good results we’re looking for.

This next point cannot be stressed enough.

We were meant to be healthy, happy and prosperous; this is our heritage as seekers of spiritual growth.

But there are times when we, perhaps unconsciously, hinder the flow of these positive things because we permit thoughts of selfishness, bias and enmity to restrict their presence in our lives.

Conversely, our thoughts can sometimes reach the highest planes, even if we aren’t always aware of it.

So if we take a few moments each day to attune with the Cosmic mind, we will allow our hearts and minds to become receptive to an influx of cosmic abundance.

In this way, we allow blessings to come to us and to those around us as a result of the attracting influence of our thoughts and actions.

Take time to reflect on this; it’s important and should be part of your daily life.

Being receptive to the beneficence of the Cosmic makes each of us a channel for its good work. Being appreciative of its blessings allows the continuation of these gifts in greater abundance.

Using this outpouring of goodness and love to spread health, happiness, joy and love to others should be our mission. As we receive the continually creative forces of the universe, we can and must direct this power into channels of the greatest need in our world, seeking to bring joy and enlightenment to all.

Our work as seekers of spiritual illumination lies in acquiring knowledge, experiencing life to the full, and applying our best skills for the benefit of the world.

We need look no further than our own circumstances and those of our friends and family to realise that we’re in fact uniquely placed in just the right place and at just the right time to make a real and positive difference to others.

We don’t need to look beyond our present circumstances; we can demonstrate our effectiveness in the place and time we’re in right now.

If we’re worthy of it, we’ll be offered opportunities later in life to widen our sphere of influence or interaction in order to spread goodness and light. But let’s be reasonable, should we really be expecting this before we’ve made the best use of our present circumstances?

No, we should do our best in our present circumstances first.

The aspirations of the soul lead us inexorably towards spiritual fulfilment. Over time, we become aware of a consuming need for the total expression of the living soul within us to find form and expression in our outer mental, emotional and physical life, and of course in our spiritual life.

It’s through our inner aspirations, not by our outer thoughts, that we are driven inwards to seek what can only come from within, namely, the real meaning of life and precisely what our part in it is meant to be.

This process of inner discernment and unfoldment is helped by our continuing desire to allow the inner self to express itself in all aspects of our life.

No matter what the task at hand may be, we can simply inwardly ask our higher self in what way we should respond to the situation. In this way, we’ll receive intuitive impressions and guidance that will be invaluable in our everyday life, once we have confidence in them.

And soon we will develop a source of guidance that will carry us forward to a time when our inner aspirations become fulfilled.

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